“Life is meaningless without challenges”

Being athletes ourselves, we cannot agree more with the quote above. In fact, we all have meaningful lives, we are challenging our bodies and minds with goals to become healthier, fitter, stronger, and faster.

Each product has been designed based on proven scientific evidences widely accepted by international accredited institutions. Each component is carefully sourced to ensure that our athletes have access to the best quality products and are optimally nourished for taking on whatever challenges they are facing.

Revv Energy Thailand has a mission is to provide athletes with proper sources of energy that will allow them to push harder, break limits and reach their true potentials.



What is Revv gel?

Revv gel is a concentrated and easily absorbed form of carbohydrates. It can provide much needed energy and other nutrients to endurance sports enthusiasts and athletes for achieving their best performance.

Why Revv gel?

Athletic performance could be negatively impacted by depleting glycogen (mainly in muscles and liver) when exercise longer than 1 hour. Taking carbohydrates, such as Revv gels before or during exercise, can help avoid / delay such deterioration.Compared to other carbohydrate sources such as fresh/sun-dried banana, bread, etc., Revv gels are more convenient and more absorbable with lower risks of GI distress.

What is Revv Drink Mix?

Simply put, Revv Drink Mix is Revv gel before water is added to it. It also contains carbohydrates, electrolytes, Branch-chained Amino Acids (BCAAs). Revv Drink Mix is to be mixed with 500-600ml of water to be isotonicfor optimum hydration and nutrient absorption.Moreover, it contains multi-transportable carbohydrate sources i.e. a combination of maltodextrin and fructose at 2:1 ratio. This is the optimum amount which allows our bodies to absorb more energy compared to other conventional products in the market.

What is the difference between Revv Gel Plus and Revv Gel One?

Revv Gel One does not contain BCAAs like Revv Gel Plus. Because of this, Revv Gel Plus has slightly more calories at 110kcal (vs 100kcal of Revv Gel One) and a thicker consistency. The amount of electrolytes are the same at 55mg.

What are the benefits of BCAAs?

BCAAs compose of Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. These amino acids have been found tobe effective for delaying mental fatigue and preventing muscle cannibalization which can result in muscle damage and prolonged Delay Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS or muscle fever).

Do Revv Gels contain caffeine?

Only selected flavors of Revv Gels have caffeine in them. Currently, these are Revv Gel Plus Coffee and Revv Gel One Lime Tea which have approximately 40mg and 70mg of caffeine respectively.

Can Revv Gels Prevent cramps?

Revv Gels can help prevent cramps when the cause of the symptom is electrolytes deficiencies. However, if the cause of cramps is over-exertion of physical efforts or lack of training (#1 culprit), no food or other supplements can help prevent the symptoms.

How many calories in Revv Gels?

110kcal in Revv Gel Plus
100kcal in Revv Gel One